What Readers are saying about New Perspectives on Contraception:

"Prof. Donald DeMarco has a tremendously rich mind; he draws upon a vast array of sources, philosophic texts, scripture, Church documents, movies, literature, court cases, and popular media to probe the meaning of human existence and to analyze the state of modern culture. New Perspectives on Contraception is a collection of essays, each a unit in its own right. While contraception is the occasion for his reflections, they are wide-ranging and very stimulating. He is a master at making meaningful distinctions and delving deeply into human matters. New Perspectives on Contraception will be a profitable read for the philosophic and for the
"common" man. I highly recommend it."

Professor Janet E. Smith, Ph.D.
University of Dallas

"This latest publication, New Perspectives on Contraception, is an excellent book. It is the product of observation of contraceptivepractices over almost 40 years and exhibits deep insight into their physical, philosophical, and spiritual effects upon the world. Professor DeMarco writes truly when he tells us that courage, love, and knowledge all go together to remedy the devastation of the "Culture of Death." It is hoped that this book will find wide distribution. It could be extremely helpful to priests, marriage counselors, senior High School students and young adults contemplating marriage."

Doctors Evelyn L. & John J. Billings
World renowned for developing and promoting the
Billings Ovulation Method of Natural Family Planning

"I've now completed reading Donald DeMarco's New perspectives on Contraception and I'm impressed by the breadth and depth of philosophical antecedents with which he undergirds his "new perspectives," I'm not sure that they're really new, but rather they bring together the wisdom of many philosophers and theologians and teach the non-philosopher to understand in-depth the wrong-headedness of contraception. His Chapters on 'Contraception and Virtue,' and 'Contraception, Revolution, and Prophecy' are especially noteworthy,"

Dr. Hannah Klaus, MD
Executive Director NFP Center of Washington D,C.

"At precisely the time when history is vindicating the prophecies of Humane Vitae - the destruction of the family and burgeoning disrespect for women - Don DeMarco has brought forth a wonderful, insightful defense and explanation of that teaching,"

Gerard Bradley
University of Notre Dame Du Lac

"Dr. DeMarco, in his new book, New Perspectives on Contraception, has succinctly yet thoroughly captured the essence of how contraception has led to the disintegration of human dignity and a culture of death, It is critical to realize the great gift of human sexuality and fertility, respect the natural law and adhere to its teaching."

Mercedes Arzu Wilson
Family of Americas

"Contraception is the defining moral and social evil of our time. This book provides a systematic and useful analysis of the separate, but related, dimensions of that evil."

Professor Charles E. Rice
Notre Dame Law School

"DeMarco never disappoints, and this treatment of the faulty reasoning behind man's fascination with contraception is more than a new look at an age-old problem. We go with DeMarco on an investigative chase. He leads the way in hot pursuit of the case of the dying human race. He unfolds the clues that expose man's ability to deny or accept God's love.

"We travel down the dark alleys of lust self-centered imagery and ultimate rejection of the value of the human person. We watch man suffer, we see him resist the soft embrace of the Lord, and we see him fail to achieve his false freedom while left laying in the abyss caused by materialism and loneliness.

"Detective DeMarco reveals the other trail of clues - the story of the human being who tries to understand the design of nature, and ultimately succeeds because he pursues truth and takes the road less traveled. DeMarco will challenge every reader to follow the signs, think about the consequences and sort out the differences between instant gratification and long-term satisfaction. New Perspectives is a book for everyone who has ever wondered why society seems so dead set on destroying itself."

Judie Brown, President
American Life League

"Dr. Donald DeMarco's New Perspectives on Contraception is a comprehensive and thought-provoking look into the contraceptive mentality of our society. It is the reader who will triumph if this book is carefully read, because Dr. DeMarco leads one to the wise conclusion that 'UnNatural Family Planning,' as he calls it, is far from the correct answer to today's many challenges, not the least of which is infertility."

Sue & Kay Ek
Billings Ovulation Method-USA

"Don DeMarco's latest book shows that to be against birth control is far from an outdated position. He supports his position within the best scientific, sociological and philosophical wisdom available, and presents it in common sense readable fashion. Our society does not have a problem of being obsessed with sex. On the contrary, it is afraid of sex. By treating this gift so superficially, it has failed to truly encounter it and appreciate its significance. New Perspectives on Contraception goes a long way toward solving this problem, and I strongly recommend it to everyone in pastoral ministry, to all in the pro-life movement, and to anyone who has the courage to reexamine his or her views on the subject."

Fr. Frank Pavone
National Director - Priests for Life

2001 Catholics Against Contraception